Brilliance in Glass Since 1923

Krosno may have opened their doors back in 1923 in Southern Poland, but generations of Polish glassblowers had been perfecting their craft for more than 1000 years. This time-honoured traditional process has remained almost entirely unchanged. That is, until we found ways to enhance it.


Krosno wanted to bring the world glassware that celebrated the best of the past, whilst at the same time ensuring that their designs would be timeless in a more modern world. Krosno opened for business not long after Poland was proclaimed an independent country, so pride for all things Polish was understandably high.

Krosno was founded on the principal of quality and refined beauty

These principles are still at the heart of our business, enabling us to create exquisite glassware with superior transparency. Understandably, over the years, new technology and changing trends have seen our brand evolve. This has facilitated the development of new product categories and innovative designs. Krosno continues to develop both machine and manual production departments, making improvements to our collection wherever possible. We believe that even perfection should be challenged.

We have also sought to improve the durability of our glassware and be responsive to customer needs

We are firstly glassmakers, and great observers second.


This agility and commitment to improvement has seen Krosno become a truly international brand, now being sold in 60 countries. Poland is where we started but we are continually inspired by where the world takes us. 

Featured Ranges

Avant-Garde’s clean lines and tapered silhouettes give it a crisp, contemporary feel

Including a suite of wine glasses, champagne flutes, tumblers, high-ball glasses and a 1.8L carafe, this range is distinguished by its versatility as well as its quality. With the signature brilliance of Krosno glass, it’s equally stunning at the bar or on the dinner table.

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With its simple design and timeless silhouettes, Harmony brings the quality of Krosno craftsmanship to a range of glassware you can use every day.

Designed for practicality as well as style, Harmony includes a highly versatile range of shapes, from classic stemware to shot glasses, beer glasses, stemless wine glasses and Cognac glasses.

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Duet showcases the exquisite shine of Polish glass in a stylish and striking collection

Signature shapes like the gin balloon and martini glass will add something unique to any set, with a contemporary feel and a touch of decadence. Each Duet shape is available gift-boxed in a set of two, so you can build the collection that suits your home or add the finishing touches to a more eclectic selection.

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Springtime Entertaining

Krosno Harmony Gin Balloon 700ML Set of 6 Gift Boxed
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