40 years of culinary genius In 1979, Norbert Woll founded his company on a passion for extraordinary cookware

Over forty years later, we are still driven by that same passion. WOLL’s German-made cookware leads the world in quality, strength, design and reliability. We have been guided at every step by innovation and inspiration, from our original aluminium permanent mould casting technique in 1983 to the PFOA-free non-stick technologies of today. 

WOLL continues to challenge what’s possible in quality cookware. We invest in new research and patents to ensure our products always represent the best that engineering and technology have to offer. 

Our commitment to quality also includes a commitment to sustainability. WOLL’s manufacturing plant remains the most advanced facility of its type in Europe, leading the industry with sustainable processes and environmentally friendly technology. 

As we look to the future, we are guided always by our vision and our mission, inspiring foodies everywhere in the pursuit of cooking perfection. 

Diamond Lite

WOLL Diamond Lite pans are a lightweight revolution in the kitchen. 
Made with our innovative squeeze-casting technology, Diamond Lite pans are extraordinarily strong and light. The superior five-layer diamond-hard base coating is cut and abrasion-resistant, with WOLL’s signature combination of the latest technology and the finest German craftsmanship.
The high-performance base gives fast, even heat distribution with no hot spots, for maximum control and exquisitely cooked meals, every time. Available in induction-compatible styles as well as with fixed or detachable handles, this collection is the diamond standard in cookware.

Oven safe to 250 degrees (ex. detachable handle)
Extraordinarily strong and light
Available with fixed or detachable handles
Available in induction-compatible styles
Eco Lite

WOLL's Eco Lite is a smarter pan for a more sustainable future. We’ve reimagined the way we make our pans, with fewer resources, better technology and more sustainable practices. The Eco Lite pan is certified 100% recycled aluminium, reinforced with our Saphir non-stick coating to resist scratching and abrasions. The amount of aluminium used in a 24cm Eco Lite pan is equivalent to 60 post-consumer recycled cans. Handles are also 50% recycled, made from a by-product of renewable forestry in Saxony, and it’s all packaged in 100% recycled, sustainably printed cardboard. Weighing 35% less than our Diamond Lite series, they’re our lightest pans yet. The induction base means they’re also ultra-efficient, requiring less energy for heating.

Made from 100% recycled aluminimum with sustainably sourced wooden handle
35% lighter than Diamond Lite series
Oven safe to 200 degrees
Induction base
Diamond Active Lite

Get cooking quicker with our revolutionary Diamond Active Lite low-pressure cookers. These cookers are the next generation of kitchen technology, with WOLL’s unique casting process and patented low-pressure lid innovation. When used with the Active Lite lid, the low-pressure cooker reduces cooking time by up to 50% and saves up to 70% in energy consumption – which means mouth-watering meals in half the time. The low-pressure system also helps seal in nutrients, deepen flavours and reduce kitchen odours. Best of all, you can remove the lid at any time to add seasonings, spices and finishing touches.

Reduces cooking time by up to 50% and energy consumption by up to 70%
8mm thick specialised induction bottom for fast heat distribution and retention
Remove lid at any time during cooking process
Induction base

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