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    Introducing the Maxwell & Williams Collaborators for Spring Summer 2023!

    Sep 05,2023 | What's Cooking

    Marini Ferlazzo: Art for Wildlife Conservation

    Melbourne artist Nathan Ferlazzo’s signature pen-and-ink style is instantly recognisable to his thousands of fans on social media. As a passionate and committed conservationist, Nathan uses his talent to give back to the wildlife that is the focus of his intricate drawings.

    Nathan partners with a range of global conservation organisations to spread knowledge and to share profits from his business. Partners include Birdlife Australia, World Animal Protection and the Australian Geographic Society.

    Katherine Castle: At One With Nature

    Taking inspiration from real life and putting her own personal spin on things, Katherine Castle uses mixed media to produce ultra detailed wildlife artworks that demonstrate a highly resolved style which is the result of years of practice. She immerses herself in the lifestyle of a true artist, frequently packing her belongings and setting up camp in a new area to paint what she sees around her. Maxwell & Williams is proud to be in its 13th year of collaboration with Katherine Castle.

    Gabby Malpas: A Whimsical Wonderland

    Gabby is a Sydney-based artist who uses watercolours and inks to create her whimsically styled flora and fauna paintings with more than a hint of chinoiserie.

    She is influenced heavily by her Chinese heritage and uses art to communicate her story to the world. Her paintings are full of small details that spark joy and positivity to all who engage. She loves to use pink for its joyful, strong and feminine characteristics.

    Gabby has worked with numerous brands, both locally and internationally. Her work for Maxwell & Williams infuses the home with her joyful style.

    Estelle Michaelides: Inspired by the Heart

    Estelle Michaelides is a Melbourne-based fashion designer and self-described dreamer and storyteller. With her rich, evocative style, she transforms emotion into art, with a whimsical and often dramatic use of colour and texture. Estelle’s work offers a glimpse into her world, inspired by a constant sense of wonder and a passion for local art and culture. With a romantic pastel palette, Estelle brings a new floral design to life for the Enchantment collection.

    Donna Sharam: A Colourful Collaboration

    Donna describes herself as a colourist, she loves to incorporate colour into everything she does, especially her rainbow hued art. She paints from the heart, instilling each special piece with something undoubtedly unique and by her own admission, a little bit crazy! Donna has developed a natural style of painting that resonates well with consumers. “All of the art that I create is drawn from the inside and my love of life.” Have fun collecting and gifting this irresistible array of usable art from the Donna Sharam X Maxwell & Williams collection.

    Rach Jackson: Sparking Joy with Colour

    Rach Jackson is a contemporary abstract artist whose colourful pieces are designed to bring joy. Based in Ballarat, Victoria, she takes inspiration from the natural world and our place in it. Rach’s vibrant artwork aims to capture not only the colours and textures of nature, but also its ability to create a sense of peace. Rach brings her signature bold colour and vivid style to Sunset, her second collection in collaboration with Maxwell & Williams.